A fangirl induced chemical imbalance

A fangirl induced chemical imbalance

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Steve Rogers did, in fact, realize that something was off when he saw the outline of the woman’s odd bra (a push-up bra, he would later learn), but being an officer and a gentleman, he said that it was the game that gave the future away.


No, see, this scene is just amazing. The costume department deserves so many kudos for this, it’s unreal, especially given the fact that they pulled off Peggy pretty much flawlessly.

1) Her hair is completely wrong for the 40’s. No professional/working woman  would have her hair loose like that. Since they’re trying to pass this off as a military hospital, Steve would know that she would at least have her hair carefully pulled back, if maybe not in the elaborate coiffures that would have been popular.

2) Her tie? Too wide, too long. That’s a man’s tie, not a woman’s. They did, however, get the knot correct as far as I can see - that looks like a Windsor.

3) That. Bra. There is so much clashing between that bra and what Steve would expect (remember, he worked with a bunch of women for a long time) that it has to be intentional. She’s wearing a foam cup, which would have been unheard of back then. It’s also an exceptionally old or ill-fitting bra - why else can you see the tops of the cups? No woman would have been caught dead with misbehaving lingerie like that back then, and the soft satin cups of 40’s lingerie made it nearly impossible anyway. Her breasts are also sitting at a much lower angle than would be acceptable in the 40’s.

Look at his eyes. He knows by the time he gets to her hair that something is very, very wrong.

i’ve reblogged this before but this one has further breakdown of exactly why, and i love it. (also hell yes, kudos to the costume department for this; it’s wrong, but it’s so clearly DELIBERATELY wrong considering how well they nailed it during the 40s sequences).

The wait-for-Steve-to-wake-up committee could have used this very handy article how to recreate a 1940s bra silhouette.

And another giveaway is that her hair is too long for regulation (and I could be wrong, but I think her shirt would be better-fitted).

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You bring up very valid points, lohelim, but they did in fact NOT get the 40s look 100% accurate.

Oh my god, tumblr, this is still so irksome that I’m actually going to get photos to illustrate.

Once again: I give you Peggy’s red dress:

Look at that foam bra with visible cups.

Oh hey, here’s Natalie Dormer to further illustrate my point:

Foam bra AND hair that is most certainly NOT regulation. Also, her shirt is too tight and skirt is too short. But hey, producers like to see that kind of sexy. She is, after all, only in the film to play the seductive secretary, that hussy.

Okay, now let’s see what a quick Google image search will get us if I type in “women of wwii”

Well, this site, for one: http://www.womenofwwii.com

And photos like these:

Not exactly the kind of sexy uniform producers like to see… In fact, the fake 1940s blouse fits more like the ACTUAL 1940s blouses. Natalie Dormer’s is way too tight for the time period. That pulling button is kind of driving me up a wall.

And as for hair, even now, the armed forces have a rule women must keep their hair above the collar, or back in a bun/ponytail (@janinekspendlove, back me up on this…), but it’s EXTREMELY obvious in all the propaganda.

And my personal favorite WWII Marines poster:

So yeah, sure, it’s a cute little point to bring up how bloody inaccurate S.H.I.E.L.D. was with their “Authentic 1940s Officer” (tm). In fact, it’s a sadly accurate portrayal of how the whole stupid entertainment industry thinks wardrobe is fucking useless (another rant for another day). But truth be told, the costume department wasn’t exactly spot-on throughout the film.

I need a *bless this post* gif or something. 1000% nailed it, justbetsycostumes. And that’s my fave Marine recruiting poster too! I’ve actually got an original on my wall. :) And our uniform hasn’t really changed since WWII, which I love (well, we can wear our skirts shorter - up to one inch above the knee now).


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anonymous requested -  AU: The one when they save Stiles from the nogitsune by turning him and Scott keeps smelling Eichen House and the nogitsune on Stiles so when ever they’re alone he pins Stiles to bed or wall(or whatever surface is closest to them) and starts scent marking him in way he can

Well, this is so not what you requested but… Hope you like it?

Excuse me while I die now. Nnnnngghhhhh.

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i’m sad because harry styles gets to touch harry styles’s hair



he gets to touch it when he’s drunk


he gets to make it into a bun.


he gets to touch the bun. i repeat HE GETS TO TOUCH THE BUN.


he gets to look the way he’s looking while he does whatever he’s doing here


he gets to hold it (although apparently this does not help to ward off the cranks)


he gets to BEDHEAD.


harry styles is allowed to touch this bouncy glossy disgustingness any time he wants image and yet in spite of this, he spends entire minutes not touching it


i would like to issue a complaint

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